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Many educators and property mentors forget to share the blood, sweat, and tears that go into Property Sourcing. I’ve encountered a ton of people who make it seem easy. While sourcing properties is a straightforward method, it is NOT simple.

Get the education you need and complete at least one deal before quitting your job or forming a company to launch a business. You’ll be able to gauge how long it will take thanks to this. In order to win in property sourcing, you must comprehend the fundamentals of property investing, how property sourcing fits in, and the processes involved in finding real estate deals.

My goal is to put Property Sourcing into perspective, not to frighten you. It takes dedication and consistency to excel at property sourcing. Imagine the satisfaction you’ll feel when you close your first deal and see the tangible results of your hard work.

What You’ll Learn

  • Extracting Requirements from Property Investors on Property Strategy and Area
  • Finding Property Investment Opportunities
  • Running the Numbers using a Property Deal Calculator to determine profits
  • Property Sourcing Fees Breakdown
  • Property Market Research
  • Legal Matters You Need To Be Aware Of
  • Property Wholesaling Contracts
  • Attracting and Getting To Know Property Investors
  • Vital Sourcing Lessons Through My Property Deals
  • Creating a Property Sourcing Proposal

Bonuses that you will find in the course

Property Deal Calculator
Sourcing [Wholesaling] Templates