How To Get Started In Property Sourcing


How does Property Deal Sourcing work?

Sourcing a Property deal is a task that all Property Investors must do in order to close a Property Investment Deal. Property Sourcing, however, is a “No Money Down Investment Strategy” that aspiring Property enthusiasts can undertake in order to make money by leveraging their time. The Property Wholesaler [Sourcer] will find, analyze, negotiate and present the Property Investment Deal opportunity to a Property Investor thus saving Property Investors time.

In this Online Property Sourcing Course, you will learn how to source property, package it, and sell it to Property Investors for profits.

Key information provided during the Property Sourcing Course

  • Extracting Requirements from Property Investors on Property Strategy and Area
  • Finding Property Investment Opportunities
  • Running the Numbers using a Property Deal Calculator to determine profits
  • Property Sourcing Fees Breakdown
  • Property Market Research
  • Legal Matters You Need To Be Aware Of
  • Property Wholesaling Contracts
  • Attracting and Getting To Know Property Investors
  • Vital Sourcing Lessons Through My Property Deals
  • Creating a Property Sourcing [Wholesaling] Proposal


  • Property Deal Calculator
  • Sourcing [Wholesaling] Templates





A Property Wholesaler [Sourcer] helps the seller and/or a real estate agent sell the property by finding them potential clients, generally Property Investors.

Is Property Sourcing legal?

Yes, Property Sourcing is legal. You need to understand your role as a Property Sourcer [Wholesaler] versus the role of a Real Estate Agent

What is the Property Sourcing fee?

The fee of a Property Sourcer [Wholesaler] differs per deal. There are numerous ways to come up with a sourcing fee. eg. 5 – 10% of the profit of the deal, 5 – 10% of the purchase price or you can work out a custom approach using an hourly rate.

During the Property Sourcing Course, we teach you how to find investors that require your service, and the documentation to use to keep on the right side of the law. Property Sourcing is still a relatively new strategy in South Africa. It’s important to understand the nuances of this No Money Down Strategy

Property sourcing is beneficial.

  • For those who are looking forward to getting the best deals with less hassle.
  • For those who are wanting to leverage their time for money.

The real estate industry is improving every day, providing opportunities to aspiring Property Entrepreneurs.



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